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Make your bathroom as cozy and comfortable as other rooms in your home with OakridgeHome.com bath accessories. We carry bath essentials such as towels, bath rugs and shower curtains. Whatever type of décor you have in mind for your bathroom, you'll find accessories that beautifully complement bath furnishings and color themes. For convenience, we offer a variety of bath accessory sets to make it easier and faster for you to create your ideal bathroom environment.

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Towels are an essential addition that no bathroom can be without. However, not all towels are made equal. At OakridgeHome.com, you can find premium-quality towels to snuggle up in after a bath or shower. If you enjoy the feeling of a plush towel against your skin, browse our wonderful selection of Turkish towel sets. Turkish towels are the crème de la crème of towels because of their superior craftsmanship, elongated cotton fibers and ultra-soft feel. Our towels enwrap you in warmth while quickly absorbing any excess moisture. Sets include bath towels, hand towels and washcloths. Additionally, designer colors make it easy to find towels that match your bathroom décor.

Bath rugs have a dual purpose. Their main purpose is to absorb any excess water that drips to the floor. Essentially, these rugs make it easier to walk around without slipping or falling. While safety is a major reason for owning bathmats and rugs, they are also decorative accents that everyone notices. Therefore, we're giving you access to a wide selection of bath rugs that offer plush absorbency and chic decorative appeal. Typically, you can find rugs in standard square or circular shapes to place near sinks, toilets, tubs and showers. Choose a single bathmat or go with a bath rug set in contemporary colors, sizes and styles.

When you need privacy, our elegant shower curtains shield the bath tub and shower from view. A luxurious shower curtain from OakridgeHome.com also keeps water at bay while contributing to the room's decorative motif.



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