Bathroom slip and fall incidents are prevented with the help of a well-made bathmat. Because bathmats are an essential part of your bathroom décor, this collection can help you find the best rug for both practical and decorative purposes. For your convenience, we offer single bath rugs and bathmat sets. And, because style is always important for the bath area, we include classic and contemporary styles for decorative inspiration.

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When you need a bathmat to complement other bathroom rugs and room decor, browse this collection to find great options. Many rug styles come in more than one size, making it easier to choose a rug to cover just the right amount of floor space. Small bath rugs are ideal for tight spaces, and if you have limited space, choose a small size for a shower stall. In a spacious room, bigger rugs can sit near any size bath tub or shower stall. Of course, you can always opt for two same size rugs, placing each rug in the most strategic spots for maximum protection.

Our bathmats feel wonderful underfoot each time you step on them with bare feet. This plushness is due to expert tufting and weaving, locking soft fibers into position for long-time durability. During chilly days, it's especially nice to land on cushy softness, instead of a cold, hard floor. In terms of performance, these mats have excellent water absorption and they're easy to maintain. One of the most important and convenient features of these rugs is its machine washable capability. When it's time to clean, place it into the washer and when dry, it's ready to use again.

Depending on your bathroom décor, color choices may be neutral, warm or vibrant. To create a chic modern bathroom, go with black, gray or white. Rugs featuring vivid colors and patterns really stand out, while giving the space more panache. If you're having trouble deciding between two colors or styles, consider mixing two rug styles together in the same space. Ideas include pairing solid colors with intriguing patterns or pairing two different solid colors together.

Bathroom sets conveniently help you save time by giving you two or more coordinated bathroom accessories in the same order. Depending on your needs, you can choose a bathmat and shower curtain set, a two-piece bath rug set, a set that includes plush towels or one of our premium sets that include up to five items. Receive your bathmat order quicker by choosing our fast shipping option.



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