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A good night’s sleep is essential for health and well-being, and OakridgeHome.com carries a generous selection of quality bed pillows to help ensure you get it. Choose from a variety of pillows in different sizes, along with a varying attributes and materials. For additional comfort, we also carry pillow covers you can use on existing pillows to enhance your levels of relaxation.

One of our most popular types of pillows is those designed to keep you cool. Stay-cool pillows typically boast heat-transfer technology that keeps it cool even when you get hot. Other pillows feature a stay-cool pillow cover, along with an anti-stress design. This option is designed to keep your head, neck and spine properly aligned to help alleviate stiffness, pain and headaches.

Properly supporting your head during sleep is vital, and we carry multiple options designed for that specific task. The best-selling My Pillow is part of our lineup, as is a bed pillow filled with water that offers customized support that changes with you. The water support pillow automatically adjusts to accommodate your desired positioning.

Bamboo pillows, which feature protectable cases made out of breathable bamboo fibers, tend to be soft and effective at keeping you cool. As a naturally renewable fabric, bamboo is ideal for the outer casing of a memory-foam-filled bed pillow as well as pillow cases that slip over existing bed pillows.

Other popular bed pillows OakridgeHome.com regularly keeps in stock are body pillows and antimicrobial cotton pillows. Body pillows are ideal for adding extra support to various areas of the body during sleep. Antimicrobial pillows do the double duty of providing cool comfort while reducing allergens.

As with all OakridgeHome.com home furnishings and accessories, our bed pillow selection is comprised of items that meet our stringent standards of value, quality and style. Browse our bed pillow selection today to help you achieve the good night’s sleep you deserve.

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