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Cover up and stay warm all year long with blankets and throws from our wide-ranging collections. OakridgeHome.com fleece blankets and cotton blankets add additional layers of warmth to every bed in the home. For versatile comfort, select any of our throw blankets to keep warm while lounging or napping - or to just add a luxurious look to a space.

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Our blankets are made from the finest premium woven cotton or fleece material. These blankets feel wonderful next to your skin, and that's because we make sure each blanket meets our high standards. We know you expect your blankets to last a good long time. And, thanks to our commitment to excellent construction and detailing, quality is always assured.

Classic satin trimmed fleece blankets have adorned beds for generations. Our version of this much-loved style combines ultra-soft fleece with a shiny satin border. While often associated with winter, fleece blankets are actually lightweight enough for warmer days and nights. Children and adults love these blankets for their warmth and timeless beauty. Our cotton blankets are crafted from ultra-soft yarn made of 100 percent cotton. They may be smooth or feature a homey textured pattern. Because cotton blankets breathable, they're a comfortable all-season choice.

Throw blankets keep you nice and cozy as you curl up on the sofa to watch TV or settle into your favorite lounge chair. Throws can also provide on-the-spot furniture protection for lounging pets. Designed for casual comfort, our throws are sturdily made of durable polyester, or polyester and other fibers. It's quite common to keep a throw draped over a chair or sofa, so they should not only be soft, but also have a pleasing aesthetic. Select casual throws made of plush microfiber or softly textured knitted yarn. OakridgeHome.com throws are conveniently portable and make great gifts for all occasions.

Whether you prefer blankets, throws or both, you can find both styles in sizes and colors that fit your lifestyle, furnishings and room décor.



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