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Braided rugs have an earthy charm and timeless rustic appeal that make them desirable for traditional and rustic interiors. At OakridgeHome.com, we invite you to browse our collection to find one or more rugs for your living room, kitchen, dining room, hallway or other area. We offer braided rugs in a variety of sizes and color options that complement any room's décor.

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Provide the finishing touch to a rustic style room with a classic oval braided area rug. Oval rugs are often associated with cozy rustic living, and they continue to be a popular choice for homes and cabins. For living rooms and dining rooms, choose a large oval rug that stands out as a comfy room accent. In the living room, a braided area rug can provide a soft place to lounge near a fireplace or TV. In the dining room, place a rug underneath the dining room table to create a feeling of country warmth. Small oval rugs placed in front of a favorite chair offer plush comfort for tired feet. If you prefer square shapes, our square braided rug options offer the same level of quality design and cozy comfort appeal as our oval styles.

Our wide selection includes braided rugs in colors that appeal to your classic or contemporary decor preferences. Shades of blue create a relaxing mood, while shades of burgundy, orange and yellow energize and uplift. Green is the color of nature, and you can find rugs in bright or darker shades that nicely complement wood furnishings. Neutral colors of white, black, brown and tan are the most versatile, pairing well with neutral furnishings. Another option is to choose a braided area rug that combines multiple colors. These multicolor rugs brighten rooms with a kaleidoscope of color, instantly creating a cheerful room accent.

With so many great style and color choices, finding the right braided rug for any room in your home or cabin is a breeze.



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