Odessa Collection

If you’re seeking a bedroom bedecked with classical European allure, you can create it with the Odessa Collection. This collection of matching home accessories features several different pieces that all work together to create a phenomenally attractive whole. You’ll find an array of accent pillows, pillow shams, window treatment components and a comforter set that are ready to transform your bedroom into gallery of elegant style.

The European allure is easily apparent through the colors and details used in the Odessa Collection’s furnishings. Items include a four-piece comforter set, window valence, two drapery panels, six square throw pillows, one neck roll throw pillow, and two European pillow shams. All items are awash in a muted palette of tantalizing teal, blue and taupe.

The drapery and comfort make the most of those hues in a largescale Jacobian print, noted for its floral and paisley-inspired design. One of the accent pillows shares a floral pattern, while the additional pillows showcase unique patterns, texture and details. The cording and fringe on the pillow and pillow shams provide a touch-me texture, while the other designs work in harmony to really pull together the ensemble.

While the Odessa Collection’s four-piece comforter set makes it well-suited for a bedroom, there’s nothing stopping you from adding the throw pillows or window treatments to other areas of your home. The classical vibe and muted colors can work equally well in a stately living room, or even an office area or library that begs to be outfitted in elegant charm.

As with all home furnishings stocked by OakridgeHome.com, the Odessa Collection bedroom décor is of the highest quality and most stylish design. OakridgeHome.com prides itself on offering the same high caliber of items we’d use in our own homes, and the Odessa Collection readily aligns with these standards. Shop the Odessa Collection of home décor today at OakridgeHome.com.

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