Enliven bedding, chairs and sofas with our diverse collection of decorative and slumber pillows. Pillows make decorating easy. Simply toss a few throw pillows and shams here and there for an instant change of decor. Start your pillow shopping adventure now by browsing our unique collection of fashion-forward designs, colors and shapes.

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How do you choose the best pillow? You may or may not already have a specific type of pillow in mind. Finding the best pillow is often a matter of following your instincts. Sometimes you just know it's the right one when you see it. You can also consider factors such as design pattern, fabric, color, size and shape. As you browse, look for styles that match nicely with fabrics found on bed covers and furnishings. Fabric colors don't have to be an exact match. However, try to keep pillows within the same general color family for best visual results.

One of the best ways to create decorative impact is to mix together two or more patterns. Many of our pillows feature a decorative pattern on front and a solid pattern on back. Some have distinctive decorative patterns on both sides, while others have the same pattern on both sides. This kind of pattern diversity allows you to mix things up in interesting ways. Reversible designs can be displayed by flipping over pillows. Arrange them next to each other to enjoy the full impact of both design looks.

OakridgeHome.com pillows are segmented into numerous design collections. Each collection has a distinctive style, making it easier to find pillows that look great together. Within these collections, design styles range from subtle to wild. You can choose to stick with a single collection or you can pair two or more collections together. Yes, there certainly are a lot of pillows here, and you can pair them however you like.

While most throw pillows are for indoor use, we do offer some indoor/outdoor styles suitable for patio furniture. Place any of these high-quality pillows on bedding and furniture to add instant comfort and cozy appeal.


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