Choosing bath towels isn't just a matter of getting dry. Plushness and excellent absorbency are key factors in selecting towels for home use. At OakridgeHome.com, you'll find some of the best bath towels in the world. These are the kind of luxury towels often found in high-end hotels and spas, so we're confident you'll enjoy browsing our quality collections.

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For your convenience, we offer towels in sets, and a set may include two to six individual towels. Depending on the collection you prefer, you can select to receive only same-size towels, towels with washcloths or towels with other bathroom necessities. With versatility of choice, you can better focus on choosing sets that meet your immediate needs. Perhaps you've just moved into a new place, or your current towels need replacing. If so, sets that include washcloths or accessories are a good choice. Alternatively, you may need towels for visiting guests, so stocking up on extra towel sets can help you stay prepared.

If your desire is to only buy the softest towels you can find, you're in luck. Our premium collections feature towels made of Turkish cotton, a type of towel that feels ultra-soft against your skin. Turkish style towels are visibly plush and have a weightier feel than ordinary towels. Imagine stepping out of the shower or tub and engulfing your entire body in lush coziness. With our towels, you can experience this wonderful feeling of plush luxuriousness in the privacy of your own bathroom. And, when it comes to absorbency, these towels are unbeatable. Their extra-long fibers soak up maximum moisture, leaving you feeling dry and warm.

Deciding which luxury towel is right for your needs is often a matter of choosing a color and design style you like best. Here again, we offer fantastic choices that range from classic to unique. Whether your bathroom décor leans towards traditional or contemporary, you can find a set of towels that blend beautifully with bathroom furnishings, flooring and walls.



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