Vintage Chenille

With chenille bedding from OakridgeHome.com on your bed, you can achieve a luxurious look that’s worthy of royalty. This bedding is named for the chenille fabric it’s made with, which consists of strips of yarn woven together in a pattern that resembles a caterpillar. Believed to have originated in France in the 18th century, classic chenille beds have a posh, plush beauty that defies changing décor sensibilities. It remains a popular choice to this day, and our high-quality caterpillar-weave bedding is an affordable way to add a dash of class to your bedroom.

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We have several bedding collections that feature a vintage chenille bedspread and matching sham pillows, which can be sold together or separately. Each collection features a variety of woven geometric shapes, paisley scrolls, tufted medallions and other patterns that are soft and cozy. They are made of 100 percent cotton that will be comfortable all year-round. At OakridgeHome.com, you can get chenille fabric bedding for twin-, full-, queen- and king-size beds for people who love vintage style. These bedspreads are also available in a number of different colors such as white, blue, grey and burgundy to complement the rest of your décor.

A bed only looks as good as its bedding, and a set of machine-washable chenille bedspreads will make anything look more elegant. They’ll also add the extra warmth you need on cool nights. You can add extra chenille shams as well if you want to have a lot of pillows. OakridgeHome.com has been helping people redecorate their homes since 1934, and has the right bedding for your own fashionable and personable space. You get out of your home what you put into it, and with this chenille bedding, you’ll know that you’re putting in unrivaled comfort and value.



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